​    Lora Bila, founder of the LORABILA DESIGN STUDIO, earned a degree  in Architecture in 1987 from the prestigious Pridneprovsk State Academy of Civil Engineering & Architecture in Ukraine. She continued her education with an extensive series of private tailoring lessons from the recognized Master Atelier working in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine, which is known for its great technological, industrial and political importance. In 1988 Lora endeavored as the Fashion Designer and creative force behind one of the best respected and well known fashion atelier firms in Dnipropetrovsk.

      After several years as an Atelier Fashion Designer, Lora launched her own custom clothing business. In 1996 she moved her design studio and workshop to Zaporizhya (Ukraine), and in 2002 expanded her line to include custom designed window treatments, pillows, throws, and bed covers. Soon after, Lora won several large scale residential projects as the primary interior decorator and continues to the present day in both this capacity and in the manufacture of clothing and other custom designed textile products. More recently Lora expanded her business in the USA where she now lives.

​       Simplicity of design and superb craftsmanship using the finest materials are foremost in the philosophy of the LORABILA brand. She draws her inspiration from enduring masterpieces of architecture, furniture, objects of art, movies, photography, music and clothing design. For more then 15 years Lora's expert team of craftspeople in Ukraine have been passionately transforming her concepts into reality.